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Monitoring & support

Monitoring and incident response keeps you in the know about you property, whenever and wherever you are in the world.

High-level monitoring and police response

Our systems are continually monitored by our dedicated UK team. Detailed signals are sent between devices at your property and the monitoring centre, and from there to the police. This end-to-end process ensures the highest level of security and is only possible through our NSI accreditation.

Remote access via your device

All our alarms and CCTV can be remotely monitored through your own mobile device. Push notifications can tell you when someone accesses your property, sets or disables an alarm and so on. You can even unlock your property through your phone. Great if a cleaner has forgotten their keys, or a friend shows up an hour before you get home.

Joined up communication

Our installation teams set up a detailed level of information to be sent to the monitoring services. We'll know if your alarm has been triggered by a wrongly entered pin code or a forced entry of a rear skylight.

Constant reassurance

We've got you covered. So you can be leave your business, your home ... the country even. Relax and be assured that Bates Alarms is protecting and securing your property.

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