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CCTV & entry systems

CCTV, entry systems and access control put you in control of your property. With cameras rolling you benefit from the obvious visual deterrent, as well as recorded evidence of any untoward activity.

Security cameras

Internal and external cameras are a great deterrent to theft and trespass. We only install the highest quality high definition cameras, operating on infrared as soon as the sun sets.

Screens and recording

There are a multitude of options for recording, storing and accessing CCTV data. Getting it right can be vital, from day-to-day assessment of workplace behaviour, all the way to providing evidence for criminal prosecution.

Entry systems and access control

Residential access control rarely extends beyond gated entry and video comms. Our commercial work, on the other hand, often requires granular permissions for numerous levels of access through many hundreds of doors. As with all our services, a dedication to the best technology ensures your peace of mind at all times.

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