DD243 Explained

DD243:2004, What is it all about?
DD243:2004 is the current Industry requirement that allows systems to receive a Police response. It tries to ensure that in any alarm system so configured, it will be very difficult if not impossible for the subscriber to accidentally cause a Police response to a mis-activation. The policy centres largely around the means of setting and unsetting the system, and is split into 5 parts, briefly explained below. In all cases, when the entry time delay starts, signalling to the Police is inhibited until the system is reset (but see 6.4.5). The specific text is highlighted in Bold Type.

DD243; 6.4.2
The alarm system is connected to a contacted lock on the entry door, and will automatically set/unset the system as the door is locked or unlocked, thus entry is denied until the system is unset. The downside is that you cannot lock yourself in, nor can you identify who is setting/unsetting the system, as all keys will be alike.

DD243; 6:4:3 The alarm is again connected to a contacted lock on the entry door, but is configured to start entry time instead of unsetting the system, so entry is denied until entry timer starts. Setting / unsetting is achieved using a proximity tag at a tag point within the supervised area. This is a very secure configuration, as any attempt to jemmy or force the door open will activate the door contact, causing an immediate alarm without entry delay.

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